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Besides the fact that these sheets feel incredible and are reasonably priced, my favorite part by far was giving the blanket to a homeless person I walk by each and every day to work. It’s been a cold hard month where I live and the look on his face when he saw he was getting his own new clean blanket was something that helped me sleep well.


Had a delicious sleep on my new sheets. Highly recommend!


I love my sheets!


Why We're Doing This.

We created maaser after realizing there was no one making products for the home in line with our cultural values. The way we'd like to give back through anything we do. Or enabling our everyday fashion and design inspirations to make it's way to our bedrooms. 

We set out to start a home goods brand inspired by the way we live. We called the brand maaser which means to give back a tenth of anything you bring into your home.

Our goal is to make thoughtfully designed products, and let that be a vehicle for being kind to others. 

We won't solve every problem over night but we figured we'd start there.  If we can make giving back, something you can do in your sleep, just think of what we might be able to do next.