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About - TVP

At Maaser we make really great sheets. The kind that make you want to stay in bed all day.

So what?

That's a question we never stop asking ourselves.

It's not difficult to come by brands making high quality products in 2018. Out sheets won't put you on the moon, give you wings, or finish your homework. But they will provide an incredible nights sleep.

So what? Is what pushes Maaser forward every day to make sure we are connecting our products to social purpose we are an active part of.

While we've admired companies that have engaged in buy one give one models, we've found ourselves disconnected from the actual act of giving. Maaser is on a mission of human empathy driven by the products we make.

Great values begin at home and so we decided our products should to.

We're looking beyond the quality of sheets we make, for us that's the easy part. We're looking at the important interactions our sheets can activate in the world.

Eden, Sonny & Marc